Prices and Reservations

Weekend/family parties


From 1-50 people 75,-/person/day, and 51-100 people 65,-/person/day for the whole camp, including heat and electricity.

However, there is always a minimum price of 3000,- kr.



As per agreement. With 100 beds.

Weddings can get access to camp from Thursday morning


The Parish Hall

The Parish Hall can be rented independently, but has no sleeping facilities.

The entire building, including the large and small halls, stage and kitchen costs 3600,- kr. plus electricity.

Kitchen and the small hall cost 2400,- kr. plus electricity.

Kitchen and the large hall cost 3000,- kr. plus electricity.


Boy and girl scouts/organisations

kr. 75,-/person/day per contract


University/High School Parties (rusture)

kr. 95,-/person/day per contract


Other times available by appointment


Poul Erik Birkholm
Højbjergvej 2
7830 Vinderup

You can contact me at:

Tlf. (0045) 4045 5014
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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